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Canyon Springs Church

Oct 4, 2021

At some point in your life, you were a "one." There are so many parables in the Bible where Jesus makes it all about "the one." One lost sheep, one lost coin...God cares about the "one." Our mission statement at Canyon Springs is simple. "It's about the one." What exactly does this mean? Well first, we want you to be in a relationship with the One, Jesus Christ. We believe His life can transform your life. Second, we believe we are better together and God wants us to be in relationship with other "one's." We can't do this alone. Third, we pray that you have a heart for those that do not know God and you would learn to love the next "one." So many of us found faith because someone loved us right where we were at. Fourth, we believe that we are all called to participate with the one. God has a ministry for you.

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